Quick Review: B’Stilla Cantina Fitzroy

My oh my, another instant favourite found last week!

This small, unassuming restaurant is a newcomer on Brunswick Street, in a prime position near the corner of Johnston, and offshoot of the more established B’Stilla restaurant in South Yarra.

It serves small, tapas style Moroccan plates that are great for a quick meal before heading out for a drink or three.

We tried 4 different dishes between two of us, which left us fully satisfied as a pre-Old Bar bite.

The octopus came out first – it had a delicious char and was perfectly tender..

BStilla Octopus 800px

Followed by a pulled beef rfissa each – basically like a Moroccan taco, super tasty!..

BStilla Rfissa 800px

It was at this point I mistakenly lost some faith in my SLR as it was very dark and I was worried none of the photos would work, so took a few with my phone (hence the change in photo quality/depth of field – not really sure what I was thinking).

Then came the sardines, light and crispy morsels….

BStilla Sardine Fillets

And finally, the dish that gave the restaurant it’s name, the B’Stilla.

This was a very unusual dish but the flavours did actually work – the super crunchy pastry with a savoury roasted eggplant filling, and yes – that is a dusting of cinnamon & icing sugar on the top (think chicken & waffles combo??).

Topped off with a generous dash of Harissa Sauce, it was quite an amazing flavour combination… although, to be absolutely honest, I will probably go for the sweet B’Stilla next time round.

BStilla BStilla

Overall, reasonably priced and every plate was packed with flavour – I’m very eager to go back and try the rest of the menu!

B'Stilla Cantina on Urbanspoon


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