Quick Review: Pop Up Scroll

Move over donut craze – scrolls have just blown you out of the water!

While I try to use wholefoods as much as possible when I bake my own, I do like a sugary indulgence every now and then.

This place has apparently been around for a few months now, and the pop-up will be open until May before moving to a permanent residence nearby, according to their website.  I am VERY happy about this.

Last night, Mr AllTheFood had some great news – a new job!  So to celebrate I came back with a few treats this morning after the weekly grocery shop.

We tried 4 of the flavours (yes, this was breakfast AND lunch today), but they didn’t last long enough so I only managed to get a photo of one – the cinnamon cream cheese flavour.

The others we tried were Rhubarb, Pistachio & White Chocolate; Chocolate & Caramel; and a Sour Cherry & Pistachio escargot-style scroll.  They were all delicious – great flavour combinations, the escargot-style one was as good as any I have tried in France; the others were delightfully soft and squishy.

There is no doubt I’ll be back again.

Here is my lonely cream cheese scroll, when I do go back I will post more pics!

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Scroll

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