Quick Review: Saint Crispin

What can I say but wow:  instant favourite.

Saint Crispin has been on my wish list for a long, long time and this weekend we finally got around to making a booking.

The whole experience started well, when we tried to book with only 2 days notice and still managed a cosy spot at the bar for the late sitting.

We arrived a little early to have a quick drink at the bar upstairs (Thomas Olive) – we both had martinis – and there was a great selection of gin to choose from, plus the friendly bartender provided some recommendations on how to best dress our gin.  I had a dirty martini with The Botanist gin; Mr. AllTheFood had a dry martini with a citrus twist and Four Pillars gin.  Both were a perfect start to the upcoming meal.

We were invited to take our seats downstairs early, and from the beginning through to end the service and atmosphere was just what I would expect from a fine dining establishment like this – we weren’t rushed (the beauty of also taking a late sitting perhaps?), and were provided with attentive service and helpful suggestions when needed.

The food – well, perhaps I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  We opted for the 3 course meal (there is a 2 & 3 course option for a-la-carte, otherwise 2 degustation options), plus ordered a couple of the appetizers to begin with.  A few extra bits came out at the beginning and end which I didn’t get a chance to photograph.

Appetizers:  Snap, Crackle & Pop (the lightest, airiest crackle I’ve tasted).  We also ordered the eel croquettes which were eaten before I got a chance to take a photo – yes, they were that good.


Entrée:  Wagyu tartare and bresaola = delicious beefy morsels.


Main:  Western Plains pork – the meat was tender & juicy, the fat perfectly rendered and the skin a divine cracker of salt and pork goodness.  This is one I will dream about until I go back.


Dessert:  Red Hill cherries & almond brownie – matched very well with an italian lightly sparkling dessert wine that was suggested to me by the bartender.


The meal ended with a ginger & prune Madeleine and a healthier bank balance than we expected – the three courses were $65 each, appetizers under $10 each and the wine also reasonably priced.  For the quality of the food we were getting, I’d declare this a bargain.

The hype surrounding this place should be believed – whether it’s a special occasion or just for kicks, don’t miss this one.

Saint Crispin on Urbanspoon


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