Quick Review: Fancy Hank’s BBQ Joint

If it hadn’t been for a Facebook competition, I may not have made it to Fancy Hank’s yet..  Living in Northcote with all of the options available around me, sometimes it can be hard to make it past Fitzroy and the eastern CBD; so I’m glad I had a year’s supply of brisket available to tempt me over to Queen St!

Hank’s have set up permanent shop now at the Mercat Cross Hotel, serving up delicious American-style BBQ.  The venue itself is huge – great for group gatherings, summer parties and the like; with a quality range of beer & cider to wash down all that meat.

As far as the food is concerned, the brisket is always a winner – some of the best in Melbourne.  However, one can’t live on brisket alone, so I always make an effort to try something different on the menu – the pulled pork, pork ribs, cornbread, farro salad, potato salad and beans are all highly recommended.  I am still looking forward to trying the beef short rib, but every time I’ve been there so far it has been sold out.  Lesson learned – must go earlier.  Usually we get there at about 7 or 7.30pm, so I would recommend arriving at about 6 or so to have a fighting chance at the short rib.

Shown below is (a huge amount of) brisket, pulled pork, cornbread, farro salad and dill pickles…. needless to say there was a bit of a meat coma going on after this feast.

Fancy Hank Brisket

Fancy Hank's BBQ Joint on Urbanspoon


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