Quick Review: Pizza Meine Liebe

I’m not big on writing blog-novels about restaurants, but I am quite happy spruiking some of my favourite places in this lovely city – so will keep these reviews brief but (hopefully) helpful.

I’ve lived in Northcote for a few years now, and this is one place I will keep coming back to – consistently great pizza.  I always like trying new places, but PML has set the bar pretty high as far as pizza in Melbourne is concerned, and are still at the top of my list.

I have been to the much hyped-up +39 in the city, and 400 Gradi in Brunswick, but PML still stands out for me – the pic below is from their slightly refreshed menu (we went about a fortnight ago), the “azpaz” with pancetta – and it was superb.

Also highly recommended are the “Black Rock” (was my staple for a while), “PML Capricciosa”, and “Where’s the Wolf?” – but to be honest I’d say everything on this menu is worth a crack, it’s the dough that makes a pizza and PML win that game.

Pizza Meine Liebe

Pizza Meine Liebe on Urbanspoon


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