Sunday Dinner: Slow Roast Duck

Another first this weekend – despite the 35 degree heat in an un-airconditioned house I thought it would be a great idea to try my hand at slow roast duck… ok, so not the most intelligent decision I’ve ever made but I perservered nonetheless.

I have always been (and to a degree still am) a little bit of a poultry-phobe in the kitchen, but wanted to try out a slow roasted duck, based on a recipe / technique I found on Food52 here.

As well as patting the duck dry with paper towel before salting, I also left it uncovered in the fridge for a few hours, to super-dry (and hopefully super-crisp) the skin.

There is definitely an art to getting crispy skin on ducks, and a duck artist I am not.  I think this is why I have held off for so long – especially when there are such amazing peking duck restaurants virtually on our doorstep in Victoria St, Richmond.

So…. skin didn’t end up quite the way I envisaged but it was tasty nonetheless.

Ducky was approx. 2kg in weight and I cooked it for about 3 hours @ 120 degrees, then a blast of heat @ 180 degrees for 30 mins – to be honest, for a bird this size I think it was slightly overcooked and could have done with 15-20 mins less.

Ah well, not bad for a first attempt.

Here’s ducky resting in the oven –

Sleeping Duck re-edit

Went very well with a leek-mash – (cooked down 1 leek with butter & olive oil on low heat, then added 3 mashed potatoes with a big dollop of butter and a little milk)

Leek Mash re-edit

Plated up –

Plated Up re-edit


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